Will My Art Wash Off?  
No, your artwork is painted with weatherproof materials that are approved by the F.A.A and will not wash off.
      These are paints specifically made for leather, suede and porous materials, custom blended by The Scent Of Art.
You can expect your artwork to wear right along with the boot itself. Once your boot starts to look worn, so will the art.
If you scrape your boot, the artwork will be scraped also. You may use your leather/suede "protectants", they will not affect the paint.
How long will I have to wait for my UGG® boots to arrive?
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How much will the artwork cost?  
The cost depends on the intricacy of each design. We carry no pre-airbrushed Ugg® Brand Boots. Each Ugg® Brand Boot is uniquely catered to
your idea or made directly from a design shown on the site.
Our designs are between $65 & $120 up depending on the intricacy of each design.
# (360)920-3339
Place your order with us M-F before 1pm and your UGG® will arrive @ our art studio within 24hours!
The artwork will take approx. 1-3 days @ our studio depending on the work flow. After completion of your artwork...
Your "CUSTOM UGG® " will be shipped via
USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery) with insurance and/or signature/delivery confirmation.
(Next Day Delivery is Available for rush orders. International Shipping also available!)
Depending on where you live, you will have your UGG® back  within a week or a week and a half after your order is placed